Discover multiple ways to create wealth with Real Estate Investing.

The real estate market will continue to offer tremendous opportunities for the educated investor. It’s crucial to work hard and surround yourself with people who have experience investing in real estate to help you get started.


Learn Real Estate Investing Strategies for any Economy!

The real estate market has and will continue to have tremendous opportunities for the educated investor. It’s important to surround yourself with people who have experience with investing and want to help you become an investor. We offer the most comprehensive trainings available anywhere as you continue to pursue your goals. Legacy Education is committed to helping individuals build a legacy for themselves and their families by realizing their full potential through Legacy’s four pillars of success: Motivation, Inspiration, Innovation & Education.

Investor Mindset for any Economy
Multiple Real Estate Strategies You Can Use to Get Started
Creative Ways to Fund Real Estate Deals Using Other People’s Money
Why Asset Protection is Important for Investors
And Much More!

Learn the Three Ways of Building Wealth

The three ways of building wealth include earned income, passive income, and portfolio income. Our webinar topics allow you to learn more about the opportunities investing has to offer and where you can start your foundation of knowledge.

  • Portfolio

    Money is generated from investments, dividends, interest, or money working for you.

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  • Passive

    Money generated from properties or systems that work for you.

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  • Earned

    Where you trade time or services for money.

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  • “All of the trainings were phenomenal. Being surrounded by so much value, knowledge, positivity, experience of others is truly priceless.”
    Aleena N.
    Elk Grove, NY
  • “As a whole, my trainings have been helpful, and the program has given me nearly everything I needed to hit the ground running.”
    Sherille P.
    West Hollywood, CA.
  • “These trainings have reduced the fear of risk dramatically. I will be looking into making deals using what I have learned in these trainings. It has given me different strategies to make money.”
    Cecilia P.
    Chino Hills, CA

Who we are and our history as a company for over 25 years for millions of people.

We’ve been educating people just like you for more than 26 years and have seen it all, boom markets, bust markets, and we know what it takes to invest in any kind of market. Let our experience and dedication help you get started with investing. We have been the driving force behind some of the most successful real estate training programs around including Rich Dad Education with Robert Kiyosaki and several other brands offered globally.  Now is the time, more than ever, to tap into our high-quality educational training on the topics of Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate and Financial Markets investing strategies and techniques.